Assorted Coffee - Mix of 4 Blends

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Light Roast: Our light roast has a delicious buttery aroma with tasting notes of nougat, caramel, and a hint of mango. It’s a perfect pick-me-up drink, that is best enjoyed black.

Medium Roast: Silky bodied coffee with notes of Nutmeg, Cocoa and wild berries which are prominent in every sip. Enjoy it as a delicious black coffee or add a splash of milk
Medium-dark Roast: full-bodied, smooth, and syrupy with notes of caramel and dark cocoa that delivers a rich aroma. Enjoy it as black coffee or add a splash of milk.

Dark Roast: Rich bodied organic coffee with tasting notes of spice, nuts, and chocolate. Perfect for those who love a strong cup of coffee and is best enjoyed with milk.

Brewing Instructions: Brew Artisanal Coffee in just 4 steps. Just tear open the filter inside the sachet, place the filter over a cup, and pour hot water evenly to brew an instant yet an invigorating cup of coffee.

Serving Suggestions: Best enjoyed black or with milk

Best Before: 6 Months from date of packaging (Nitro flushed to preserve freshness)