Coffee on the go, 5 Places to use Coffeeza's Pour-Over Coffee Bags

Coffee on the go, 5 Places to use Coffeeza's Pour-Over Coffee Bags

Coffee on the go, 5 Places to use Coffeeza's Pour-Over Coffee Bags

Those who enjoy quality coffee as part of their daily routine, find it difficult to brew good coffee when they are on the move. Coffeeza’s pour-over bags allows coffee lovers to brew portable pour-over coffee and enjoy a freshly brewed cup within a few minutes, anytime, anywhere. Coffee connoisseurs, who are accustomed to convenience and style, can to sip on a freshly brewed cup of coffee as they navigate through the day. Simply tear open the filter inside the sachet, place the filter over a cup and pour hot water evenly to brew an invigorating cup of coffee. These pre-packed filters contain 100% ground Arabica coffee of premium grade, ideal for one cup.

What makes these pour-overs most alluring is that they can be enjoyed anywhere; you can brew this coffee at home, in the office or even while traveling. With its simplified brewing method, the options are unlimited.

Here are 5 of our favorite places where you can use Coffeeza’s Pour-Over Coffee bags:


1. AT HOME —Yes, even though it sounds mundane, most of our coffee consumption occurs at home.  Everyone loves enjoying a nice cup of hot coffee, and whether you're sipping a cup alone or entertaining guests, enjoying coffee at home should be a relaxing and a happy experience. Sometimes the lengthy manual brewing process can be too much work and that’s why these pour-overs are a blessing, simply heat water, anchor the pour-over on the cup, pour hot water into the filter and voila! Your coffee is ready in just 2-3 minutes. You can enjoy it with or without milk depending on the brew. The Dark Roast or the Medium-Dark Roast is best suited for brewing pour-over coffee at home, since you will have access to milk to make milk-based coffee using these pour-overs.


2. AT THE OFFICE — Coffee is a wonder drink that can help you get through stressful working hours. Majority of the offices provide instant coffee or a diluted distasteful version of coffee from coffee vending machines that just don’t cut the deal and often are a huge disappointment. Good quality coffee is an integral part of the workplace culture and performance. Simply carry your Coffeeza pour-over bags to office, and brew a refreshing cup of artisanal coffee that is sure to grab the attention and envy of your colleagues. You can easily brew it on your desk, as it does not leave any mess. The light roast and medium-dark roast from Coffeeza are ideal office buddies that can tag along with you.

P.S - it’s easy to stash them in your bag or drawers and brew a cup of coffee whenever you need.

3.TREKKING/CAMPING TRIPS – We have to agree that the best part of a camping trip is waking up and preparing your coffee over an open campfire. The luxury of sipping good coffee on such camping trips adds so much more ease and convenience to the outdoor adventure. If you want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee that requires absolutely no cleanup post brewing, these pour-overs are the perfect camping buddy.  Just heat water over the campfire and take out your stash of Coffeeza pour-over bags. The Filters and coffee are fully biodegradable, and your coffee is ready within minutes. Furthermore, with limited resources and a total ineffectiveness of instant coffee to make you feel alive, these pour-overs are the best way to make great coffee outdoors! Enjoy black or milk-based pour-over coffee with Coffeeza’s Medium-Dark and Dark Roast variants


4. PICNICS/ROADTRIPS - No matter what your plans are, your trip will be much better if you’re properly hydrated with caffeine. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find quality coffee that can be brewed on the go, and instant coffee just doesn’t fit the profile. Carrying Coffeeza’s pour-over bags, for road trips or picnics is the best decision that you will make. It’s pocket friendly, easy to carry and you will always have access to artisanal coffee even in the most remote locations. The light roast, with its minimalistic brewing requirement is best suited for such trips.


5.ON A PLANE - Yes, you heard that right! You can even brew Coffeeza’s pour-overs on a plane! Indulge in a fresh cup of artisanal pour-over coffee at 30,000 feet! All you have to do is ask for one cup of hot water, creamer if needed and you are good to go. Stop complaining about the poor-quality coffee served on board and take charge of brewing your favourite beverage. With its hassle-free 4 -step brewing method, you don’t even have to worry about making a mess, just stash the used filter back into the pouch until the flight attendant comes to collect the trash. The Light Roast or Medium-Dark Roast is an ideal choice for brewing pour-over coffee on a plane.

Let us know your favorite place to brew a nice cup of coffee using Coffeeza’s pour-over coffee bags.