3 Important Parts of Coffeeza's Single-Serve Pour-Over Coffee Bags

3 Important Parts of Coffeeza's Single-Serve Pour-Over Coffee Bags

3 Important Parts of Coffeeza's Single-Serve Pour-Over Coffee Bags


Single-Serve Pour-Over Coffee has recently gained popularity and is being discussed in every coffee circles. One can see these fancy white coffee filters in abundance, comfortably perched over a cup with coffee grounds inside it, all over the internet. Some call them pour-over bags, others call it drip bags or portable drip coffee, but what are these filters all about? How do you brew coffee with them? How is this better than other conventional brewing methods? Is it easy to use? Is the coffee fresh? These are some of the questions that come to our mind.

Well, you are in the right place if you have been asking yourself these questions, as we will be taking you through the journey of Coffeeza’s newly launched single-serve pour-over coffee bags. Here we will speak about the different parts that go into making the product.

Coffeeza’s single-serve pour-over coffee bags are made up of 3 major parts, the filter bag, the ground coffee and the sachet.


Coffeeza’s filter bags are made from a non-woven fabric, that has been specially designed for brewing pour-over coffee. ‘In the Pour Over’ method, hot water is poured over coffee grounds in the filter, after which the water drains through the coffee grounds and the filter, into a mug or cup. These filters allow hot water to pass through the coffee grounds evenly, while extracting coffee with no residue of the grounds inside the cup. Unlike the traditional pour-over method, these filters are very convenient. Furthermore, these filters are eco-friendly as they are made of recyclable material, they are lightweight and very durable.

Each filter is sealed on the top, and has arrows marked with a perforation where you must tear to open the filter. On each side of the filter, there are anchors, which are designed in a specific manner, they are flat when you remove the filter from the pouch, but they can be pulled out and expanded to anchor the filter firmly over your coffee cup. These anchors are also used for pulling the filter out of the cup once brewing is complete. You must pull the lower part of the anchors upward together to remove it smoothly from the cup without touching the hot filter or spilling coffee.


The next part is the main coffee itself. Each Coffeeza filter is packed with specialty -grade, 100% Indian Arabica Coffee. The coffee bean defines the quality of coffee, and that is why the coffee beans are sourced from some of the best plantations in India. These are located in Ballehonnur Estate, Bababudangiri Hills, Kumaradhara Estate and Araku Valley. The four roast variants are Light Roast, Medium Roast, Medium-Dark Roast and Dark Roast.

Once the beans are roasted, they are ground and then immediately packed into the filter and then the sachets to ensure freshness of the coffee grounds are retained and preserved.  Each filter is filled with 11gms of ground coffee which is the perfect amount of coffee needed to brew one cup. When hot water is poured into the filter and over the coffee grounds, the coffee grounds bloom during extraction. It is important to pour hot water slowly over the coffee grounds in 2-3 intervals, and in a circular motion for even distribution or else it will pass through the coffee grounds quickly without extracting the flavor.


Another important part of Coffeeza’s single-serve pour-overs is the sachet that holds the filter. It looks uber cool and is easy to carry around. You can keep it in your travel bags, office drawers, pantry shelves and so on. This sachet is nitrogen flushed just before sealing, and acts as a barrier to prevent oxygen or any other gases from getting inside. It prevents the coffee from losing its freshness and gives it a shelf life of 6 months.

We hope that this article, helped you learn about Coffeeza’s pour-over coffee bags and with any luck, has got you interested to try them. Happy Brewing!